Monday, January 6, 2014

On Finding Him

How do I remain in Christ?

By doing everything unto Him.

'Interrupted' during my 'devotion' time by my daughter's plea to help her blow-dry her hair for the first day back at school from Christmas break, I sighed. Resigned, I closed my Bible and followed her down the hall to the bathroom. 

As I plugged in the dryer and began to dry the long, brown strands, I felt my frustration ebb from me as I quietly whispered within, "I do this unto You, Jesus."

Seems like silly-spiritual, just writing it.

But don't judge.

Jesus showed up. 

I felt Him, in greater measure than I had moments before, sitting on my couch, peering into the scriptures trying to find Him. 

It's a simple formula, I guess. 
Jesus. In everything. Remaining in Him means doing everything unto Him. 

Beholding Him. Declaring Him beautiful and worthy - right in the middle of my mundane everyday. 

This is the drawing near to Him -  that brings Him close to me. 

Jesus really is beautiful.

Not the far-off, unattainable, light-shining-through-His-hair kind of beautiful.  But the everyday kind.

The kind you catch a glimpse of when you see  your kids getting along, enjoying each other, preferring each other and serving each other and you slow down to savor the moment.

The kind of beauty that brings a friend to your doorstep at your tear-filled call to pick the lice from your hair. As you sit exhausted from days of vacuuming, washing, drying, combing and cleaning your children and home, she stands by your side, close, hour after hour. Combing, loving. Putting her own family on hold as she does the last of that dirty job that you couldn't do for yourself. 

The kind of beauty that keeps us going and makes life worth living - Beauty-full

Doing something, some service, unto another is such an action of Love. 
Be they great or small, if I make beautiful Jesus the first recipient of every act - that kind of love draws Him.
It's the whole reason God became Emmanuel- Jesus.  To show us what love acts like. 

And as I draw Him in with acts of love, suddenly this ordinary gift of my time, my labor - it becomes infused with the scent of Jesus. 

Finding Him in the everyday just got easier. 

"Whatever your work is, do it gladly. Do it as you would do it unto the Lord and not for people."
Colossians 3:23

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