Monday, October 29, 2012

Mountains High and Valleys Low

It comes softly.  
       Stealing up on me like the best of moments.

This peace.  Not because everything is 'right' or 'good', but because 

He is here. 

And I feel the Peace settle around me.  A calm.  Though a storm may rage outside, within       I am still.

And I feel so thankful 

                             as I grow with the knowing

                                                        that life comes and goes, marked by seasons. 

As it ebbs and flows...

                   I come to know that few things remain constant, except the Love of a Savior.

Finally coming out from under a long night of winters, I feel the warmth of change. 

Unexpected new blooms in late October

And I know now, with a certainty I didn't have before the dark, 
                 that joy really does come in the morning. 

That the hard times, the valleys of this life, 
when walked with the Friend who sticks closer than a brother,
 they enlarge us as nothing else can. 

And when the journey takes us upwards again,  to scale the heights ~ we are so much more aware 

of all the beauty in this life. 

Our eyes are clearer, our hearing more acute. 

Our hearts, they have become fuller and yet emptier, too. 
We find more room to take in

                                 All the gifts...
                                                  we are given from His hand.

Every day. 
Every moment
New gifts to be oh-so-grateful for.

For this I am thankful.

Counting 1000 gifts today with Ann :

#109  Peace within

#110  Our first public Preview Service - a success! Thanks be to You, Lord! (and to the amazing team you continue to gather)

#111  New friends joining the journey as we plant

#112  Old friends joining, too :)

#113  Family movie night that actually entertained the WHOLE family (teenagers included)

#114  A generous family

#115  Elsa gifting her time and love each week to help me with the books.

#116  Silly girls playing dress up at Goodwill as we search for costumes

"Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good. His love endures forever."

Growing Home