Friday, April 15, 2016

The Set-Apart Life

"But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord."
1 PETER 3:15

The set-apart life is the ONLY life that actually partners with the Holy Spirit.

He does not reign in POWER while only occupying  half-a-throne in our hearts. 

We 'rule and reign WITH Christ' not by sharing the rule and the reigns, but by saying 'YES' to His reign in the daily struggle. 

Our lives become 'set-apart' unto God always and only in The Moment.

To weep at the altar and declare we are 'surrendering all to Thee, My Blessed Savior' is a start. But it is not TRUE surrender until we've risen from our knees and say 'yes' to Him in the Daily. 

The moments of the Holy Spirit's whisper, and our response in that momet,  is when it is shown if we have truly Surrendered All. 

Everyone of us finds ourselves off the sweet altar of Surrender at times. What then?

Take the time to Pause throughout the day for a check-up. 
Repent of any place the Holy Spirit brings to mind where you may have denied Jesus His Lordship in your life. We must call sin what He is showing us is sin. 

Repent of it, Confess it to Him. Surrender it and say 'yes' to His Way.  

Receive His forgiveness (so important!). 

Then set upon the rest of your day in the renewed partnership of Surrender. 

This is where the power of a truly set-apart life will propel you supernaturally into God's fullness where His Kingdom is Come and His Will is Done!