Wednesday, February 20, 2013

When You Need To Make Room

{LENT} Day 4-7

If you want to get filled, you got to make room.

That is, if you want to get filled with the things of God. With the thoughts of God.
The ways of God.
Something has to go. A life only has so much room...

I awoke to this God-thought. It was what I needed to thrust back the covers and stand up in my still-dark bedroom. He knows what I need to motivate me to keep my appointment with Him these days.

How often do we say, I need more of You, God!  These desperate prayers can seem pious to us, devoted and spiritual. But just picture Him coming, and pouring over you.... but wait!
 It seems the vessel is already filled.. filled with other things...

When the Spirit came pouring out at Pentecost, filling, filling, OVERFLOWING, it came after days of self being poured out in prayer. And is there any other way? We, too,  must make room.

Prayer-  true watchfulness and wakefullness in the Spirit is not the easy thing. Not for the flesh.  Even the disciples couldn't manage it. Wake up! Why are you sleeping? Watch and you will not fall.

God always has a way to keep us. He always has a plan. He always has the provision and the desire to give us what we really need. It's our desires that must be changed. The inner dial of our hearts that must be recalibrated to mirror His.

When we want what He wants, He sees that we get it.  The Christ in us attracts the resource of Heaven.

Like Mary who emptied the bottle of ointment on His feet, we must empty these vessels. Like the Chirst-followers who prayed, hard, in that upper room. Pouring out, pouring out...

 And then -

The Filling Came.

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  1. Hey Angie,
    Your post reminded me of another, from this awesome lady:
    You should check out her thoughts on making room. I think you'll like them!

    1. Thanks Beth! What a God-inspired idea to give 40 bags in 40 days of Lent! I'm looking for ways to in this season to focus on giving away... help me Lord!

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  3. Great post! It is true that we need to make room so He can fill us up ... and what better way than to pour out? I'm being challenged in several directions to pour out in prayer.

    I liked when you said: "The inner dial of our hearts that must be recalibrated to mirror His." The only way to do that is to pray...

  4. This is such a good word-picture for me, this emptying and filling. And this one line: "A life only has so much room..."

    I had a long talk this afternoon with my pastor about this very thing. I'm sitting here, nodding and feeling like God is speaking to my heart through your words tonight.

    Grateful that you've joined the writing community at #TellHisStory. You bless and inspire.

  5. Beautiful Spoken! I relate it to the Psalm of David... "my Cup runneth over"!

    God bless you!