Monday, February 18, 2013

Valentine's Tree

Printable Heart Valentine Tree


 This is a quick (couple hours)  DIY project I made for some friends who invited our family over for dinner on Valentine's Day this year. A little hostess-gift, if  you will. Had such fun creating, even more fun giving it away. I think I'll make one for my own house next year!


Container (Look around your house and see what you can come up with. I ended up using this $4 glass vase I had from Walmart, but would have really liked to use some kind of white or copper-colored tall watering can or something. Either way, needs to be medium size, mine was about 9-10 in. tall with a wide top)
Dried Fake Plant Filler (this is a long name for something that I don't know the actual name of :) Mine was this dry, straw-like, curly grass stuff I had used at the bottom of a dried flower arrangement I'd done ages ago, and still had a bunch left)
Branches (take some from outside, or maybe buy some pussy willows or a branch pack from the crafts store. Again, I tried to use what I had on hand and dug into my Christmas greenery bag and found these all-brown filler branches that were just what I needed!)
Red Paper Luckily I had a few sheets of red scrapbook paper left in my very limited scrapping supplies. Just make sure it's not construction paper. (And make sure it's red on both sides, I had some that was white on the back)
Printer with Black Ink 
Heart Template I created mine in Microsoft Publisher, using the heart shape tool and the text box inside. Taking the description of LOVE found in the Bible in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. I pulled from several different version to get the final 15 hearts. 
Ribbon I choose this burgundy and cream gingham-checked ribbon. I tied a large piece around my container and then cut smaller stripts of it to make the hangars for the hearts. Hanging the hearts with some rick-rack or twine would be cute too)
Burgundy/Brick Red Craft Paint 

(The little heart you see up above the bow I made by cutting a small square of white muslin. I then used a heart stamp I had and stamped a heart with the burgundy paint. After it dried, I cut it out and glued to the glass with Elmer's glue. This step I added because the vase I ended up using was such a boring glass... it needed something)

The assembly was too easy to bother writing out for you... Print out your hearts with the verses on, cut them out. I painted around the edges of mine, and then added some texture to them, front and back with a mostly dry paintbrush that had just a tad of the paint on it. Hole punch tie on your ties and hang them on your branches! 

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  1. Aarrrrggghh, so cute!!! Love how you incorporated the verses.