Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Rising

I say my greatest desire is to live for him.

But do my days show this? Do my words, my touch, my thoughts reflect this burning in me?

I feel undone. Laid open and bare. A gaping hemmorage of my soul showing the real me. The true self.

And I see the need to be so much more than I am. How can He make this life worthy of the Name?

Easter has me thinking. Of all he came to give. All he paid for. And there's so much more.
I am the Christ that many see. Those whom God has given, trusting, into my hand. The flesh of my flesh, and the souls all around. I am the Christ to them. They should not need look further than me to see what Love is.

The power within is calling me to be so much more.

I must repent for my self-filled ways. I must admit that this tomb of my heart is not empty save the power of a risen Lord, but rather filled with the stench of dead bones. And how can I be clean?

Only by grace. By humility bowed down. In surrender.

Make my life  a prayer. More than this, a song. A lit city on a hill.

He is so beautiful. And I am only flesh.
Today I am undone. I am hungry for the bread of Life. He has led me to the table but it is I who must eat. So filled I always am with other things. Make me hungry.

I'm seeing glimpses of the Life he has for me. It's supernatural. Unbelievable. Real. and I want it.

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  1. Powerful Angie! It echos the cries of my own heart.