Monday, April 16, 2012

On My Doorstep

Yesterday I saw how there are some advantages to city life. Reading all these blogs recently of the home-schoolin' mamas, raising their families in the wide-open spaces so they can give them the simple life, it's had me wondering if I'm missing it with my own kids.

Cell phones, facebook pages, my 10 year old having favorite series on netflix... are we allowing too much of the culture around us to influence the ideals we are trying to pass to our children?

Yesterday my son brought Darla home. Cute, funny, personable Darla. She was engaging, helpful. Playful with the younger siblings, sweet with the babe. 

And she was broken.

Years in the foster system will do that to a body. Leave some gaping wounds. 

Parents God-knows where and finally adopted a few months ago at 16. I could see it in her... 

God has a plan for this one. To still be smiling after so much trial. My heart was moved.

I'm not sure why my son is often drawn to the broken ones. But there she was. Standing on my doorstep. Sitting at my kitchen table. 

   Isn't this what I've been asking You for? To bring me the broken to love?

And here she was. and so I prayed.

       Help me love with Your love today.
       To see with Your eyes.

And He did. and it was a great day. She joined our family for worship that night. She heard the amazing good news that God's love is not far off but as close as the breath she breaths.

Sometimes just seeing 'normal' in action can touch someone. Experiencing love in action can transform someone. 

I may not be the perfect mom.

Better said, I know I'm not. 

But if in the midst of our not-so-simple life, surrounded by hurting humanity, our kids are growing up with the message that

He first loved us
so we could love a broken world
to Him

    than somewhere in the midst I think we're doing something right. 

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  1. This really spoke to me today, my daughter has a certain friend that could definitely use some 'normal' in her life, but I struggle with how much of an influence is she going to be on my girl, rather than the other way around. Maybe I should stop worrying so much, and just love on this girl. Thanks for this!

  2. This is a fabulous reminder that no matter where we live, broken people are around us and need to be loved as Christ loves. Thank you for sharing and for linking up at What Joy Is Mine.

  3. I live in the mountains. But it is the countryside or wide open space that brings us closer to Him, it is an open heart. And you can have that right in the midst of the city! Wonderful reminder!!!

  4. Just letting you know that I nominated you for the Libester Award!

  5. Thank you for sharing that...I live in the suburbs and often pine for more wide-open spaces, too. I'm glad there are many loving & caring Jesus followers in the cities. To share His love with the broken. What a sweet son, his gifting is showing...